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  • 3/7/2011
     She's here!
  • 11/3/2010
     New Sprout!
  • 7/19/2008
     New Happenings!
  • 1/17/2008
     All Sorts of New Things Are Happening!
  • 11/15/2007
     Happiness Is... My New Mixer
  • 10/30/2007
     Our First Blog!
  • Date: 3/7/2011
    Title: She's here!
    Sarah Ann just couldn't wait to see the world! She arrived December 30, 2010 (earlier than expected!) and weighed in at 7 lb 1 oz.

    She's doing great and her big brother is totally in love with his new sister.

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    Date: 11/3/2010
    Title: New Sprout!
    The Garden is growing a new little sprout! We're expecting a new baby in early January 2011. The Garden will close down temporarily while we welcome our new addition. Our last day to accept orders will be December 4th. After that, we'll take a little vacation until around the end of February/early March. We'll send out a newsletter to announce our return so you'll know when we reopen.
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    Date: 7/19/2008
    Title: New Happenings!
    The Herb Garden is temporarily closed for a much needed vacation! We're now closed and will reopen for normal order processing beginning August 5th. The website will remain open to accept orders, but nothing will be processed until we return. I can still answer all of your questions via email, so don't hesitate to contact us during that time.

    Mom and I want to take a moment to thank all of you for your business. We've been busy as bees working on several changes that we hope you'll love. Our biggest venture is outsourcing the majority of our labels to a professional printer. The new labels will be 100% waterproof, glossy and adorable. We're really excited!

    We'll also debut two new products upon reopening. The first is a new Goat Milk and Shea lotion that's absolutely decadent. This product will replace our current Hand and Body Lotion.

    We'll also adding a new product called Succulent Skin. Our local customers are thrilled this old favorite is returning. This is our original Body Rub from the 80's, tweaked to make it even better!

    Magic Hands Workshop has been hard at work for us and we'll be restocking a couple of favorites as well as adding brand new scents.

    Look for a newsletter from us upon reopening.

    Hope you're having a great summer!

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    Date: 1/17/2008
    Title: All Sorts of New Things Are Happening!
    We have several new things planned for The Herb Garden this year! Our biggest news is definitely our testing of a line of facial and hair care products. Our volunteers are getting ready to test drive several new products; facial cleansers, moisturizers, masks, under eye gels, shampoos and conditioners! If our testing goes well, we hope to begin introducing at least one or two new items by the end of February.

    We're also changing our bottles a bit. The lotion and shower gel bottles will have a new shape, and we're phasing out the six ounce bottles. We've decided to stick with two and four ounce sizes for these products. As for the remainder of six ounce bottles, we're going to start randomly upgrading your orders to clear them out. If you order a four ounce lotion, shower gel, or foot rub, you may receive a six ounce bottle instead!

    We've had a few customers inquire about First Class Shipping. We can offer this option if you only want to purchase one or two small items. There is a weight limit enforced by the USPS of 13 ounces. Remember, this includes not only the item you're purchasing, but the weight of the packing materials as well as the envelope itself. If you have any questions about specific items and First Class Shipping, please email me! I certainly understand your dilemma. I wouldn't want to pay Priority Mail Shipping for 2 lip balms, either!

    One last note: We've increased the price of small Goat Milk Cream jars to $2.00 each. We advertise these jars to be one ounce, but we have a habit of just filling them to the tip top. As you know, this is an extremely thick cream, and when we weighed a few jars, they were all showing at least 1.5 oz. Wouldn't you rather pay an extra quarter and have a jar filled to the top? I know I would :)

    Thanks again for all of your support!

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    Date: 11/15/2007
    Title: Happiness Is... My New Mixer
    When my coworker offered to sell me her mother's Kitchen Aid stand mixer, I practically fell down in my haste to get my wallet. I am now the proud owner of a Kitchen Aid, complete with 1970s cozy cover in a bright fruit motif and a wooden bead on top.

    After cleaning and alcohol-ing (is that a word?!) every inch, I looked around my kitchen. What could I make? I'm not a baker. I think I've made 2 cakes in my entire life. I look in my pantry and see a pound of coffee butter. What's this? A delightful treat? Sort of. Just not for consumption. It's actually for your skin.

    So I dump in the coffee butter, add some fractionated coconut oil and scent the entire thing with vanilla fragrance oil. Whip for 20 minutes.

    Result? The most incredible whipped coffee butter ever. It has a consistency similar to frosting. I cannot stop sniffing my arm. Seriously.

    The whipped coffee butter is ready to go! I'm tackling whipping unrefined shea butter tonight.

    These goodies will be available by December 1st! Get ready!

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    Date: 10/30/2007
    Title: Our First Blog!
    I only recently realized our site had a blog capacity, so I thought I'd try it out!

    For our new friends, here's a bit more about The Herb Garden.

    My parents started this business in 1983, with a small table at our local farmer's market. We sold plants, dried herbs, spices, herbal teas, bath salts and body rubs. I remember those early days when we packaged our salts in brown beer bottles with corks in the top!

    Over the years, the business grew, and my mom made The Herb Garden her full time job. It became my job, too, as early as junior high (although sometimes it got in the way of my teenage social life!). It was a great way for me to earn extra money and help the family at the same time.

    Over the years, our business has changed. Our customers have seen our family go through good times and bad. They've watched me practically grow up before their eyes, graduate college, get married and have a son of my own. My mother can't believe she's a grandmother!

    Our customers have watched as we've endured tragedy and heartache. Our business was scaled back dramatically during those years.

    When my mom and I decided to start an online version of The Herb Garden, we had no idea what would happen. We crossed our fingers and jumped in with both feet. Luckily, our customers have been very supportive! We've reconnected with loyal friends, and gained lots of new ones.

    Mom and I sincerely appreciate the love and support everyone has shown to us over the years. Thank you all so much!


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